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Prophet Master Rob
Healing & Wellness Guide

The Liberating Power of the Divine (wellness tribe) - is a divine space and time for all who choose to tap into their greater-self and discover divine excellence within.

A sacred space where we guide you on your spiritual journey to live a healthier life style. Health is not just what you eat but what you think, say and hear.

We are here to share our experience, strength and hope that you may awaken to your greater-self and live life to the fullest.

We work to inspire individuals to start living life by using his or her imagination, learning to live life consciously which makes all the difference.

Here at the Liberating Power of The Divine we want to introduce to some and others may already know, there are 3 indispensable keys in life.

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These keys are known as H.O.W.

The H stands for honesty, being honest with self-first and foremost is essential. You can lie to others, yet the truth will prevail and if you are lying there is a consequence to every action we do. O stands for open-mindedness, being open to new ideas, new ways and means to live a better life. An open mind is necessary because you can’t graft new ideas on a closed mine. The W stands for willingness. One must be willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the old ways of thinking and behaving that don’t serve us, then to practice new ways of thinking, new ideas and ways of being so that you may live a better life.

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